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bakersfield dui attorneyWhen dealing with a DUI arrest or charge, and your in need of a Bakersfield DUI Attorney, it is a serious matter and is to be dealt with by an expert, specialized and aggressive attorney who focuses their practice on driving under the influence cases and not simply somebody who has a license to practice law. At the Law office of Fred Gagliardini Our main goal is always to present an honest and honest protection based entirely on reliable clinical research and outcomes. We have actually managed hundreds of DUI cases in this way with unequaled results that are based upon an informative, informed, intelligent and truthful method.

Any DUI conviction can bring extreme penalties, including the suspension of your owner’s license, jail time, steep fines, and significant boosts in the rates of insurance coverage. This is all on top of the humiliation and embarrassment of being in the hands of police. Lots of DUI costs are dismissed or decreased when taken care of by the right attorney. Deciding who that attorney is can make all the difference. Most of the times, we can appear on your behalf and you never should step inside a courthouse. This is the work of a committed, concentrated local Bakersfield DUI attorney who is a member of the National College of DUI Defense and the California DUI Lawyers Association.

At the Law Office of Fred Gagliardini, our legal team will boldy pursue your protection in any DUI fee and can provide you with any details regarding your current arrest. We can assist you understand what to anticipate in the DUI court process, can discuss how breath and blood tests work and how we can challenge these in court, can describe the common faults related to field sobriety tests and can address any certain questions you may have about your case. We are knowledgeable in handling drunk driving cases for underage drivers (who are under the age of 21) and can help out of state owners who have been arrested in the Bakersfield area. We can not just address cases that involve basic, first-offense DUI fees however likewise felony DUI fees, numerous DUI offenses, DUI cases involving drugs and DUI with injury cases including a motorist who stands implicated of causing a significant vehicle accident while DUI.
DUI Lawyer in Bakersfield, California

When dealing with a DUI charge, there are several important actions that have to be taken care of immediately. The first one is the DMV hearing. This hearing will figure out the outcome of your motorist’s license. The California Department of Motor Vehicles will choose how long it must be suspended or withdrawed. The determination is based upon the evidence collected by law enforcement at the time of your arrest. You have just 10 days from the date of your arrest to ask for a DMV hearing. Failure to request that hearing within the first 10 days waives any right to object to the suspension, even if you are clearly not guilty. The standard license suspension on a first DUI cost is 4 months. Nonetheless, a Bakersfield DUI attorney from our company can represent you at this hearing and there might be evidence advanced to set aside the suspension of your license. This hearing is totally different from your court case, however is a fundamental part of the DUI protection process.

A thorough and effective DUI protection starts as quickly as you have been detained. This offers sufficient time to deal with such things as the DMV hearing and the review of the proof against you. There are typically excellent options in your defense that will not be apparent other than to a seasoned DUI defense lawyer. Call Kern County’s leading DUI protection team to learn how you can challenge your costs.

When looking for a lawyer, one desires dedication, ability, experience and a track record of success in DUI protection. At our law firm, our legal team makes your case a priority and is relentless in battling aggressively to increase the possibility of a good result in the case. We do not simply put billboards around town claiming to be Bakersfield’s best DUI company; we show it day in and day out by going to and lecturing hundreds of hours a year in DUI Educational Seminars and fighting in the trenches. When a remarkable DUI defense team is defending you it can decrease the damages to your life. Kern County police has actually been given the task to obtain all drinking motorists off the roadway at virtually any expense. They, in conjunction with the prosecutors, are entirely intent on getting a conviction. With the support of the Kern County District Attorney’s Crime Lab and private investigators, it can be a difficult experience. You deserve a similarly powerful attorney defending you. Contact our offices and talk with an attorney who will let you understand exactly what can be done to safeguard you.

Contact a Bakersfield DUI lawyer from our company if you are searching for a seasoned and dedicated lawyer to manage your case.

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